Jenkintown Borough Council Meeting, June 26, 2017

In June’s meeting Council discusses ice cream trucks, appoints two new part-time police officers (welcome!), and listens to a presentation from Marley Bice about the Jenkintown 2035 Plan. Sadly, the presentation slides make for poor viewing, and the report provided by Ms. Bice has not appeared on the web just yet. Suffice to say, it does a fine job singing the praises and potentials of Jenkintown, even if it does fail to suggest that parking must be restored to Old York Road.

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Watch the Jenkintown Borough Council Meeting, May 22, 2017

This month’s meeting includes some interesting public comment, and more arrogant, tone-deaf responses from our representatives.

Don’t miss hearing Rick Bunker’s fuzzy math as he falsely describes how the new park on Cedar Street will not result in a tax increase for residents. The only thing missing from his assertion was a “Ready my lips.” Sadly, he does not speak for the School District, which is vehemently against this park and will take the biggest hit from this folly.

Mr. Bunker’s claims omit the loss of tax revenue not just for the Borough for years to come, but the potential loss of revenue from a properly developed parcel. His part in this false narrative also omit upkeep, insurance, and more. Just the development of this parcel will cost ten percent of the current budget, or about $700,000.

Might we suggest to the Council that they launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for this park, and see its supporters bother to donate enough money to cover the ceremonial ground-breaking shovel.

Jenkintown Borough Council, Recorded April 24, 2017

We have annotated this video so that you may fast forward to agenda items if you wish. You may download the agenda in PDF format here.

Highlights from this meeting include:

  • A statement from Council President Deborra Sines-Pancoe expressing sentiments regarding civil discourse, the Council’s volunteerism, the ballooning cost of right-to-know-request filings, and a pledge to conduct business in the most open manner possible.
  • An auditor’s report that seemed to make everyone on the board very happy
  • An inserted public hearing to discuss zoning for a marijuana dispensary
  • An all-too-short discussion regarding the Borough’s big announcement posted on their website
  • And a hearty round of “attaboys” for Borough Manager George Locke.

Regarding the RFI, we can report that a developer has hounded the Borough for several years now to do something with their properties, and as yet, the Borough has made no decisions about anything. Consider this an exploratory move by Council to increase tax revenues and bring more people and therefore more commerce to downtown.

As far as where Borough offices might go, everything there remains open to suggestion as well.


Jenkintown Public Works/Public Safety Committee Meetings

As usual, Chief DiValentino provides the most interesting content in these meetings. During an extended discussion about the traffic on Walnut at Rodman, the Chief revealed that 29,000 cars pass by on a five-day basis. Despite the potential hazard at that intersection, most of the accidents along that stretch of Walnut take place at the four-way stop at Walnut and Hillside due to people running the signs.

Speeds on that stretch run as high as 47 MPH with the median at 26 MPH. Make sure you look both ways before crossing!

Also, we can all look forward to a year of ripped up roads and construction thanks to PECO, Aqua, and the Borough’s ongoing paving juggernaught.

Public Works Agenda

Public Safety Agenda


Jenkintown Borough Council Meeting, 2-27-2017

This month’s Council meeting discussed among other things:

  • An upcoming hike in our trash disposal fee due to the awarding of a new contract with BFI
  • The outcome and further plans for the proposed Cedar Street park
  • The application for a matching grant ($20,000) for the gateway project.

Council is treating this park as a fait accompli. While we understand that there is a great deal of opposition to this idea, and one that we consider highly dubious and underhandedly administered, it didn’t show up at this meeting. Please show up at the committee hearings and make your voice heard.

Also, we know that the sound quality of these videos aren’t the best. If anyone can assist with this and perhaps donate a good directional microphone that works with an iPhone 7, that would be enormously helpful. We’re sure the community will thank you for it.